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Effetre- Moretti Glass Rods for Flameworking & Glass & Beadmaking  

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Click Image for larger Picture

No minimums. You can order as little as one rod of a color.

Please call (262) 763-6733 for availability

Moretti (Effetre): The real name of Moretti glass is now actually Effetre. It was known for so long as Moretti that most people still refer to the glass as Moretti.

STRIKING COLORS: Striking colors are colors that change to their true color after the glass has been melted. They are: T-069, T-072, T-076, P-258, S-456, O-532 and O-536.

ORDERING: Most of our Moretti glass rods are$1.00 each. There is NO minimum order!

Coefficient of Expansion (COE): 104 Annealing range: 920 - 968 F
Strain Point: 840 F
Softening point: 1050 F
Working Temperature: 1700 F

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